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Midi File: Song Of Storms - Song of Storms.mid

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Database Information

Midi file Song of Storms.mid has been converted into Mp3 using the midi to mp3 online conversion feature and then shared in our Midi Database. The following information was extracted:

Music Genre: Unclassified
Original filename: Song of Storms.mid
File Size: 17KB
Number of Tracks: 3
Duration: 4' 36''
BPM: 179 Beats per Minute
Timebase: 1024
Tempo: 335195 Microseconds
Is Karaoke: No

Musical instruments

The following musical instruments are used in Song Of Storms midi:

Mp3 Conversion Settings

The following conversion settings where used to generate Song of Storms.mid Mp3 version through the Midi to Mp3 converter:

Soundfont: SGM V2.01 (Default)
Tempo Variation: 100%
Key Transpose: 0 half tones
Mp3 Bitrate: 128Kbps
Uploaded: 28/10/2012

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Waveform Song Of Storms midi

"Song Of Storms" Chords and Tablatures

 Song of Storms.mid Midi 3D Visualization

Frequency distribution of notes

This bar chart shows the absolute number of repetitions of each note event played in Song of Storms.mid midi file:

Aggregate information about all the files in the SolMiRe database is provided in the midi database statistics section

Estimated song tonality

The estimated tonality of Song Of Storms is D Minor. This value is computed by analyzing the relative distribution of audio frequencies in the original midi file.

You can see a list of all the midis in D Minor in the database.