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07 - Hurry!.mid [Midi .mid]

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07 - Hurry!.mid (33 Kb)

Waveform of 07 - Hurry!.mid midi
Waveform generated after the mp3 conversion of the original midi
Beats per Min: 162   Timebase: 480   Tempo: 370370 Microsecs

The midi file 07 - Hurry!.mid (33 kilobytes) was uploaded and converted to MP3 on November 4, 2010, 9:20 pm and assigned to music genre Unclassified. This midi file contains 22 midi tracks and the playback duration is 1 minutes and 08 seconds.

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Musical Notes

This bar chart shows the absolute number of repetitions of each note played in this midi (Aggregate information about all the files in the SolMiRe database is provided in the midi database statistics section):

Estimated Tonality

The estimated tonality of 07 - Hurry!.mid is F Minor. This value is computed by analyzing the relative distribution of audio frequencies contained in the original midi file.

You can see a list of all the midis in F Minor in the database.

3D Midi Visualizer

The following conversion settings where used to generate the Mp3 version of 07 - Hurry!.mid through the Midi to Mp3 converter:

Soundfont: SGM V2.01 (Default)
Tempo Variation: 100%
Key Transpose: 0 half tones
Bitrate: 256Kbps

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The following musical instruments are used in this midi composition:

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