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Midi to MP3 Converter with Advanced Features

With our Midi to Mp3 Converter you can convert Midi files to Mp3 audio online, just by using a web browser. Our service includes many unique and advanced features that are not easily found in other services available online, that you can use to fine tune the audio rendition and obtain the best from the conversion. For instance you can choose between 19 soundfonts, add high quality audio effects, configure mp3 audio quality, selectively convert individual audio tracks, and much more!. also provides you full security through HTTPS encrypted connection by default! Let us know what you think!

Follow these steps to convert your Midi to Mp3 now!

  • Step 1 ► Select a midi file
    Click the button and select a Midi file saved on your computer or phone
  • Step 2 ► Choose a soundfont (optional)
    Soundfonts represent real sounds of musical instruments and they are used to convert your Midi and produce a much more realistic sound than the one produced by your soundcard.
  • Step 3 ► Adjust tempo and tonality (optional)
    Use these options to alter your Midi before converting it. By adjusting the Tempo you can make the audio play faster or slower; by transposing it you can increase or decrease the pitch.
  • Step 4 ► Choose Mp3 output quality (optional)
    Higher bitrates corresponds to better quality, but also larger Mp3 files.
  • Step 5 ► Apply advanced audio effects (optional)
    You can apply some classic audio effects to your final Midi file, including Reverb, Chorus and Echo.
  • Step 6 ► Select music genre (optional)
    Please tell us the music genre of your midi, it's useful for our statistics.
  • Step 7 ► Want a quick preview? (optional)
     Try first 30 seconds    Full length
    Mp3 conversion takes time and requires computing resources, it is recommended to test the first 30 seconds and listen to the result before converting the whole file.
  • Step 8 ► Add midi information to our database? (optional)
    We maintain a database of MIdi metadata (not the actual files), you can decide wether to add the information of your Midi or not.
  • Step 9 ► Start conversion
    You're ready to go!

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About the Add to Midi Database Feature. 1) By checking "Add to midi database" you allow us to publish some information we extract from the midi file you upload and declare that the midi file is created by you, or you have received the express permission from the file's copyright holder for making the above data available to the public; 2) No uploaded file will be published even if the above checkbox has been selected; 3) this site includes an option allowing anyone to request the removal of any published information.

Please make sure you read the full Terms of Service before you use our service.

SolMiRe Midi Editor

  • Change tempo (10%/500%)
  • Transpose (-36/+36 half tones)
  • Change volume of single instruments
  • Change instruments
  • Modify notes
  • Listen to the modified versions with the online player
  • Download the modified midi

SolMiRe Midi Chord Finder

  • Play midi with online player
  • Get general information about the midi (length, tempo, bpm)
  • Discover detailed track information
  • Find which musical instruments are used
  • Find the relative distribution of the notes and the tonality
  • Find chord progressions and visualize them as guitar tablature

How to Use SolMiRe Midi to Mp3 Converter

Supported file formats

You can convert both standard Midi files and Karaoke (.kar) files. Just select the file you want to convert using the "Choose File" button

Soundfont Selection

SolMiRe synthesizer supports several soundfonts that can be used to do the conversion. A sounfont is a collection of sounds (typically recorded sounds from true instruments) associated to each virtual instrument of the standard midi format. Each soundfont provided has a distinct flavour and so you might want to try some different soundfonts to find the one that works better for your midi

Mp3 Settings

These settings define the quality of the resulting Mp3 file. The higher the bitrete, the better the audio quality, the bigger the generated Mp3 file. The default value provided (128Kbps) is typically considered a good tradeoff between audio quality and file size.

Transpose Settings

You can use this setting to change the pitch of the whole song by a given number of half tones. You can choose to increase the pitch (positive values), or decrease it (negative values). For instance, choosing to transpose the song by +2 half tones will transform each C note into a D, each D note into an E and so on.

Tempo Adjustment

Use this setting to change the speed (BpM) of the song. Default value (100%) means no relative change to the speed, 150% means that the converted file will play 1.5 times faster, and so will last 1.5 time less.

Audio Effects provides few different audio effects that can be applied to the resulting audio file. Just experiment with the possible choices to find the one that works better for your file.

Preview Mode

Whenever you convert the file you have the option to do a quick test just converting only the first 30 seconds of the file. This is a recommended option if you want to have a quick feedback about how the converted file will sound. Typically the full conversion takes some time (up to few minutes depending on the uploaded file and conversion settings). You will have the chance to switch to full conversion in the next steps, without the need to re-upload the file.

Refining your conversion

Once the conversion completes you have the chance to listen directly to the converted file using our online player.

If you don't like the result you can choose different conversion settings and you also have the option to decide which tracks you would like to be converted and which ones you would like to be muted.

When you are happy with the sound, you can finally decide to convert the full file and download the resulting Mp3.

You can navigate away or even close your browser and then come back to SolMiRe and recover your last conversion just by clicking the Last Conversion link on the menu. We will keep your uploaded file, conversion settings and Mp3 files for 1 hour.

How to create backing tracks with SolMiRe

It is very easy to create backing tracks starting from complete midi files using SolMiRe. Once you have uploaded your midi or karaoke file and completed the first conversion, you can refine your conversion as described in the above section. You can remove tracks from the midi: for instance you can easily remove all audio tracks except drums, bass and rithm guitar in order to create and download a mp3 backing track you can use to improve your guiter solo.

How does Midi to Mp3 conversion work?

The Midi file format is used to describe a sequence of events occurring on a set of channels or tracks. In a Midi file, events are usually associated to notes played by an instrument, or beats played by a drum set. A Midi file typically includes several channels, each channel being associated to a specific musical instrument.

Midi players use a wavetable to generate the sound associated to each of these events. Wavetables are usually large sets of recorded samples of real instruments. Midi players actually mix in real time the samples associated to each of the events contained in the file. Most sound cards include a wavetable and the integrated software takes care of the realtime audio rendering

Because of this dependence on wavetables, Midi files usually sound differently when played by different sound cards. The more accurate the wavetable and the rendering software, the best is the resulting audio quality

This Midi to Mp3 converter uses a software renderer (synthesizer) and lets you choose among 15 different soundfonts (soundfont is somewhat similar to waveform) and different Mp3 conversion settings, from low quality to high quality. You can also apply few sound effects such as Echo, Reverb, Chorus, or even try to listen to the reversed version of the audio file (try this!).

SolMiRe is an online service, this means that you do not have to install anything on your computer, you just have to upload the Midi file, wait for the conversion to complete, and download the resulting Mp3 file. Once the Midi has been converted to Mo3, you will have a chanche to listen to the resulting audio file using our online Mp3 player, and you will be able to try new conversions with different settings. Also, you will be able to select a set of tracks you would like to exclude from rendering. This feature is specially useful if you want extract and convert only specific tracks of the original file (for instance you will be able to convert the rithmic section only excluding all the other instruments).

The Mp3 file will remain available for download for about 1 hour.