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118a Feel Like A Woman Midi (67Kb)

This page shows metadata and key information extracted from the midi file "118A Feel Like A Woman.mid".

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118a Feel Like A Woman Midi

Waveform of 118A Feel Like A Woman.mid midi
Filename:118A Feel Like A Woman.mid
File size:67 Kb
Uploaded:May 15, 2012, 1:03 pm
Duration:3 minutes and 29 seconds
Tonality:G Major
Soundont:SGM V2.01 (Default)

Musical Notes

This bar chart shows the number of times each note is played in 118a Feel Like A Woman Midi:

3D Midi Visualizer

A cool interactive 3D visualization representing the structure of this midi:

Midi Tracks

A total of 16 Midi tracks were detected in 118A Feel Like A Woman.mid midi:

Track Id Track Name Midi Events
#0 Unnamed track 10
#1 Bass & lead 1063
#2 voice aahs 374
#3 harmonica 44
#4 elec bass 779
#5 elec piano 2 210
#6 distortion guitar 765
#7 square wave 124
#8 saw wave 144
#9 odrive guitar 1921
#10 gtr fret noise 100
#11 distortion guitar 855
#12 elec gtr clean 474
#13 elec gtr jazz 760
#14 fiddle 2026
#15 drum kit 6999

Musical Instruments

The following musical instruments are used in 118A Feel Like A Woman.mid:

Instrument name Chords tablature
Syn Brass and Lead view chords
Choir Aahs view chords
Harmonica view chords
Fingered Bass view chords
Electric Piano 2 view chords
Distortion Guitar view chords
Syn Square Wave view chords
Syn Saw Wave view chords
Overdrive Guitar view chords
Guitar Fret Noise view chords
Clean Guitar view chords
Jazz Electric Gtr view chords
Fiddle view chords
Piano view chords

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